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The first Yoga Studio in Tropea, Italy


At the beginning of 2023, I finally received an opportunity to move to Tropea. I had been searching for an entire year and it was a local who saw the potential of what my service could bring. He launched the first hostel, Pangea Tropea, in the previous year and received many requests for yoga and meditation classes. When a mutual friend put us in contact he offered to help me get situated before the season started for 2023. Once I arrived I began looking at Tropea completely different and started doing my personal practice all over the village. Within a few months, I met some locals who wanted to start taking my classes and we started on the beach at the end of April 2023.


Within one week of posting on Instagram, I received a student who purchased a package for three weeks


She shared a remarkable story about how she found me. Prior to coming to Tropea, she had been searching countless hours for a retreat or some sort of spiritual service during her stay here while she studied Italian at Piccola Universita. Without much luck, she had nearly given up her search and started to plan other activities and excursions during her stay. On the day she arrived, she shared with me that she felt she would give it one more try and googled, “yoga in tropea” and found my Instagram post that I had just posted the day before.



Angela’s commitment to her practice re-ignited my commitment as a guide and the bond to build Tropea Yoga was formed. We showed up to every single class whether the sun was shining or it was pouring down rain. No matter what, we were there. Then another student joined for a month, and another, and the ripple effect began. People just kept showing up to classes and I just kept teaching. By the end of the month, I had taught 60 yoga classes and that would carry on through September.

I would say this is one of my most valuable traits as a teacher and creator. Once I set a schedule, I always show up because I always have at least one student join. It’s something that was taught to me by a mentor I had at the beginning of my yoga career. In January 2015 I set out on one of the biggest soul-seeking moments of my life at that time. I went after a vision to become a full-time yoga teacher in Austin, TX, and within 6 months had received that opportunity.


On my twenty-sixth birthday, I broke the world record for the largest yoga class on the water with 173 participants at sunrise


Within that first year, I became a sponsored athlete and held SUP yoga classes in every element of mother nature. This is when my mentor and manager taught me everything about online marketing, social media, business, and work ethics. Their investment in me set me up for success and after my sponsorship, I rebranded and built my own company, Limitless SUP Yoga. I hired a team of three women to join me and we operated SUP Yoga classes in three major cities in Texas along with retreats, teacher trainings, and business mentorships for five years.


It was an opportunity of a lifetime and one I will always remember



To have traveled across the world, to a new continent and country, where I’m not fluent in the language, and I’m still learning how to operate my services successfully I know Tropea Yoga will take longer than six months to build. But I’m here, fully committed because Tropea is our home. This year I have met so many incredible people from all different parts of the world. Some are foreigners as well and have put down roots here, and some are simply passing through. All of us feel the magic of this heavenly earth place.

One remarkable opportunity did come quite quickly for Tropea Yoga, and that was an invitation to view the grounds of Villa Paola Tropea to host my yoga and meditation classes. After only one month on the beach, I moved our classes to the Villa in June and we had a sacred space for our meditation and a small studio for our yoga practice. The reason I am sharing all of this is because I didn’t plan any of it. I followed my heart and the opportunities came all on their own.


Tropea Yoga merged with Villa Paola and we operated the first Yoga Studio in Tropea together



Within my first season of hosting Tropea Yoga, I have taught over 300 yoga and meditation classes within a 6 month period. I poured my heart and soul into building this community when no one believed it was possible. I did. I could feel it. I was pulled to Tropea to be of service, it was just a matter of time before I discovered how. But I definitely didn’t do this alone. Word of mouth moves fast here and my monthly and weekly students would spread the word like wildfire. Villa Paola quickly hopped on board and began marketing this new service and a whole new realm opened up to expand to their second location, Capo Vaticano Resort and Thalasso Spa.

It was a lot for me to take on within my first year, but I thrive in challenges. I’m at my highest level of consciousness when I am creating especially when that service is rooted for the greater holistic health and mental well-being globally. Which is why I have chosen to represent myself as Lynn of Tropea. Of service to the spiritual realm for Tropea, Italy. Tropea chose me, from across the world, and here I am in a 16th-century monastery that evolved into a 5-star boutique hotel all because this is where my Heart told me to be.


One student was with me throughout the entire season… Marie Louise


She is the epitome of health and happiness with a heart-aligned life that pours and radiates from her entire body. At sixty-five years old she started showing up to yoga and meditation classes three times a day, five days a week for nearly six months. She even attended her first yoga retreat with me for Path of the Heart Take me to Tropea, Italy! Here is what she shared on her last day before heading back to her home in France for the winter,


This is a mere glance into the reality of what following the Path of Your Heart can bring. It continues to show up for you when you continue to show up for your dream. No. Matter. What. I let go of an entire lifetime and identity to be here and even after I arrived I’m still fighting for it. I’m still building this vision I can see. There’s so much more coming… so in the true fashion of my creations, just know this is only the beginning.


Join me in Tropea, Italy for our second Path of the Heart Retreat at Villa Paola in June 2024

All the details can be found here: Tropea Retreat

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