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Join us in Tropea 2023 for yoga along the Coast of the Gods

Weekly Classes at villa paola Tropea

As a 12-year yoga practitioner and certified teacher through the Ashtanga Lineage, I am honored to bring this sacred practice to Tropea, Italy. Yoga is the epitome of health and longevity through movement and breath. It ignites your awareness of the present moment and invigorates your soul in a euphoric moment of pure bliss.

I am a lifelong student of the practice of yoga and received my certification as a teacher back in 2014. By 2015 I made it my full-time career when I was noticed by a company and received my first sponsorship. For my first class, I broke the world record for the largest yoga class on water on my 26th birthday. It was a moment in time I will always remember, and feel so fortunate to have received.

After my sponsorship, I rebranded into my own company and went on to lead teacher trainings and retreats in the central Texas region. I’ve been featured on three News channels, four magazine features (one cover), and worked with some of the top brands in my industry. 

Yoga is a way of life for me and I’m looking forward to sharing the practice in Tropea, Italy.

Tropea Yoga

Our Yoga Classes are held at Villa Paola and are suitable for all levels

Whether you are a beginner in your practice or an advanced practitioner our classes are suitable for all levels

My specialty as a yoga teacher is holding space for anyone seeking to experience the practice. Modifications are offered in every class and the goal is to find comfort in the posture. It has nothing to do with flexibility! Flexibility is a result of yoga, but you do not need it to begin.

Our offerings include a Morning Meditation that begins at 08:30 followed by a Vinyasa flow beginning at 09:00. Our evening class, Sky High Yoga begins at 19:00 and is held on the terraces at Villa Paola. After our morning class you are welcome to enjoy the breakfast buffet for an additional cost. This is not required to participate in our classes, it is an additional offering Villa Paola would like to provide for your visit here!

You can join for one class or secure an unlimited weekly or monthly offering for your practice. We run 15 classes a week Tuesday through Saturday which totals to 60 classes a month.  Check out our entire schedule and online booking system below.

Gallery of Tropea Yoga & Villa Paola

Deepen your connection to the Self by discovering who you truly desire to be


more spiritual practices are coming!

The history of this beautiful Villa can be felt from the moment you step inside. A 16th-century monastery that was built to honor Saint Francesco Paolo by Giovanni Adesi. The funding for the convent came after Giovanni claimed the Saint had changed his life by healing him after a great fall.

Many years later the convent formed into a family home and restoration projects began. In 2008 the family-owned Villa opened its doors to outside guests and after ten years became the 5-star boutique hotel we know today.

Villa Paola holds potent, sacred energy from the initial formation of the walls that enclose its entirety to the breathtaking views of Tropea and the sea.

In our meditation practice we welcome these ancient, healing energies into our present realms. Through movement and breath we excell deeper into the internal world by releasing in a safe and sacred space.

It is an experience you cannot miss if you are seeking internal guidance to align you with your Heart’s Path and Destiny.


Mother Nature is our Studio

Embracing the greatest gift of connection to life all around 

There is magic in movement. A deeper connection to the Self when we embrace our practice in Mother Nature. We receive unexpected gifts, like a bird whistling from the tree. A cooling sensation with the breeze after a heated flow moving the body and synchronizing the breath with our energy. The calming waves of the Sea and feeling the sand beneath your body.

Our practice is not set in a studio with perfect conditions, because the practice itself can never be perfected. Better yet it is an opportunity to be playful in our practice and move with the natural elements all around.

Join us at in the enchanting gardens of Villa Paola for your practice and deeply connect to the magic of Tropea from above the sea.


Monthly Events at Villa Paola

Locations: Villa Paola
Contrada Paola, 89861 Tropea VV


Path of the Heart Take Me to Tropea

A wellness retreat in parghelia, Italy October 2023

Come and explore the Heavenly Realms of Tropea and the Tyrrhenian Sea.  7 days and 6 nights in the most beautiful village in Italy. We are staying at Hotel Tirreno in Parghelia, which is located ten minutes outside the city center of Tropea.

This retreat includes a guided hike on Stromboli, one of the eight Aeolian islands of Sicily and the most active volcanoes in Europe. A snorkeling excursion around the coast of the Gods, daily workshops and yoga classes with Lynn as well as a tour of Parghelia and Tropea.

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