Path of the Heart Take me to Tuscany

A retreat designed to reconnect you to your heart and illuminate the path you deeply seek

Tuscany, Italy. Is there any more that I need to say? It is exactly as you imagine it to be. The backdrop of the Tuscan hills from every way you turn embraces you into a heavenly hug. It’s as if this magical region of Italy is holding you. Wrapping you in the warmth of the sun as it sets across the endless hills of softness. There is so much fulfillment in the simple presence of this magical place.

Our retreat reflects the simple, yet extraordinary energy of Tuscany. 7 days and 6 nights in Lucca at Villa Pardi. Two private tours among the historic villas, day trips into the city centers, daily workshops with Courtney, a personalized Goddess reading from Su Guillory, and an elegant dinner and wine tasting in the countryside. The Path of your Heart is calling, and it’s saying “Take me to Tuscany.”

Tuscany 2023

Why choose the Path of the Heart?


A way of life where everything you seek is in your external reality

Take a moment to ponder this way of living

Fulfilled to the highest realm. Not wanting or seeking. Finding the practice of stillness simply to embrace everything in your present reality. A life you’ve always dreamed of but were never taught how to obtain. A breakthrough in consciousness that catapults you beyond the realms of limitations.

An opportunity to become the observer in your life to watch the Universe do the work for you. As you contemplate this take a moment to look around your present moment. Is your external reality what you see when you close your eyes? If so, then you are universally aligned. This retreat will amplify your current surroundings and invigorate your Soul with deep compassion for honoring yourself so greatly. It is time you take the leap and follow your heart. 

Tell me more…

How will this Retreat guide me?

Through the present moment experience

01Setting our intention to welcome the Path of the Heart to guide us wherever it may lead

02Daily workshops designed to teach you how to read the signs from the Universe

03Stepping among historic Villas to reignite past memories or past lives

04Journeying to find the self and remembering how the Heart speaks

Connect to the Self while indulging in the magic of Tuscany

The most well-known region in Italy

Our retreat will be based in Lucca, Italy where the energy field fulfills a deep sense of family. Belonging, roots, grounding energy, and generational history. An opportunity to see if there was once a time in your Soul’s journey that you ran through the historic villa as a young child. Spending the day gazing at the Tuscan hills, tasting the vineyards you see through the wine swirling in your glass.

Cycling around the city center while the Italians open their world to share their way of life. The fresh air you breathe, the nourishment you receive from the purest food, and the deep dive into the Heart are all carefully curated for our retreat.

Scheduled Activities

For our Path of the Heart Tuscany Retreat

What’s included:
7 days/6 nights at Villa Pardi with breakfast, Two Historic Villa trips for a private tour, Dinner and Wine Tasting in the Tuscan Hillside, a day trip to Lucca city center, Daily workshops with Courtney and a personal Goddess reading from Su Guillory

Day 1 – Arrival at Villa Pardi Welcome dinner

Check-in, settle into rooms, and meet retreat group

Day 1 will be spent at Villa Pardi to provide an opportunity to settle into your rooms and meet our retreat group. Our first group activity will be dinner at Villa Pardi at 7 pm.

Once you book the retreat you will receive an email from Courtney to help guide you with the best travel routes to Tuscany. instructions on traveling to Italy and arriving at the Villa. For a point of reference, the nearest airport is Pisa and the Villa is not accessible by public transportation. Taxi service can get you to the villa from the train station or airport. We do not provide transportation for this portion of your trip.

Limited spots are available. Please book your room as soon as possible.

Day 2 – Visit to the center of Lucca

Personal time, lunch together, and group activities

On the second day of our retreat, after breakfast and our morning mindfulness moment, we are heading to the city center in Lucca.

This is where we indulge in all things Italia! Exploring the shops, trying all the gelato our bodies can handle, and hopping on a bike tour around the raised wall the city center is encompassed by.

Before we leave the center everyone will be invited to have a seat in a circle overlooking the hills of Tuscany for a journal prompt. 

Dinner and workshops for the evening will be held at Villa Pardi.

Day 3 – The Historic Villas

Day trip to Villa Torrigiani and Villa Reale di Marlia with personal time and group workshops

At 10 am we will arrive at Villa Torrigiani for our private tour with some downtime to spend in the gardens. At 1 pm we will make our way to Villa Reale di Marlia for lunch at their on-site cafe. 

Our private tour will take place after lunch and once complete you will be given a journal prompt to write about while visiting the villa. At around 6 pm we will head to the winery for our wine tasting and dinner to close out our evening.

This will be a full day so no workshops will be held this evening. 

Day 4 – Day of Rest & Retreat at Villa Pardi

Enjoy the pool, relax in the gardens, and attend the morning and evening workshops

After two full days, we will have a day of rest and retreat to simply be. Courtney will hold two workshops on this day. One in the morning after breakfast and one in the evening after dinner.

Feel free to stay at the villa or explore the ancient towns around. Pisa is only a 25-minute drive if you desire to see the leaning tower. Head back into Lucca, walk the river along the bank of the Villa and find time for stillness. 

Breakfast and dinner will be held at Villa Pardi. You will need to make your own accommodations for lunch. Ordering delivery is an option if you do not rent a vehicle.

Day 5 – The Castle of Nozzano

A small fortress that dates back to 1395

After breakfast and our morning mindfulness moment, we are heading to the small medieval town of Nozzano Castello.

Located a short drive or joyful walk away, this beautiful castle is the backdrop of our villa. During our time here we are exploring ancient history, and honoring the remembrance of a life once lived. How our ancestors lived with the earth and journaling about how we can bring those practices into our present moment.

Dinner and evening workshops will take place at Nozzano Castello.

Day 6 – Dinner, Wine tasting, and Closing Ceremony

Final workshops, closing ceremony, and dinner at Fattoria Al Dotto

Goodbyes are hard but purposeful. After a week-long retreat together illuminating the Path of our Heart we will close our sacred space and prepare for the next portion of our journey.

This will be an opportunity to ask questions, build connections with one another beyond the retreat, and finish up our final illumination ceremony. Final workshops will be held at Villa Pardi and our celebration dinner & wine tasting is at Fattoria Al Dotto.

It is my highest honor to be of service to you throughout this retreat. I can’t wait to connect with you and share the Heavenly Realms of Tuscany. 

Villa Pardi in Lucca, Italy

Envision Yourself Here and it will be so

This charming 18th-century villa is set in the Tuscan countryside, 6 km outside Lucca. Villa Pardi offers a large garden with a swimming pool and rooms with many original features. Free parking is available on-site for those who choose to rent a car for the duration of the retreat.

Villa Pardi

This vibrant yellow villa will naturally enhance your third Chakra, Solar Plexus, while we work with illuminating it during the retreat.

Large Pool on Property

This sky-blue pool resembles our fifth Chakra, located at our throat, and illuminates communication and speaking your truth.

Walking into the Villa

Enchanted with 18th century paintings the entrance of our Villa deepens your into a sense of admiration to life before the present.

Path of the Heart

Every road, pathway, door, and window leads to an opportunity. Learn to read the signs from the Universe to align you onto the one you seek.

Rest in Retreat

Resting, stillness, and gazing are a part of your time here in Tuscany. The villa’s location is encompassed in quiet and tranquil energy.

Eagle’s Eye

Learning to see from above, the highest point on the mountain peak. Gazing down below on your present moment to detach emotionally and see the purpose.

Every Moment in Life has Purpose

If you don’t know how to read the Universe then you may be missing the biggest connection to your Soul’s purpose in life

On Path of the Heart, you are receiving this wisdom

Because it is already within you seeking to be seen. Affirmations you are ready to receive:

01I Am Worthy. I am worthy to walk the Path of my Heart and receive everything I feel inside my body.

02I Am Ready. I am ready to walk the Path of My Heart to align me with my Soul’s purpose and destiny.

03I Am Trust. I am trusting that who I am and who I desire to be is awaiting me on the other side of this journey.

04I Am Wise. I am wise in following the Path of My Heart. It is who I truly am and who I will be in infinity.

On the Path of the Heart, you are receiving this guidance

Teachings on ancient wisdom, illuminations to your internal world, and external experiences to enhance them

01Learn about the 9 Chakra systems. Your Halo and Source of Divinity.

02Walk through historical times and receive stories on previous lives

03Read external surroundings to see the purpose in every moment

04Dive into the deepest connection to your Soul. Your Heart. Find your purpose and illuminate the path you seek.

I Am Courtney Lynn, your Guide on the Path of the Heart

Deeply connected to the Angelic Realms, I work with all Spiritual Practices and Religious Beliefs

This is the lineage I was born into. The path my Heart has led me on since the very beginning. I am blessed to serve you upon yours.

I work with the Gods of our Earth. Shamanic Chakra Cleansing and Fire Ceremonies, Angelic Prayer and Tarot, Hindu Belief Systems, Yoga Practices, The Tao, and Buddhist Vows. It is through these belief systems that I have been gifted a life in service to co-create with the Divine.

Before I was called to Italy, I was in service to a sacred temple named Solidago Gardens. A part of a holistic wellness resort in Austin, TX. As an Integrative Wellness Specialist, I created wellness programs that became the most impactful experiences for guests. My work began with emotional body cleansing which led me to the 9 chakra illumination technique. I am confident in my ability to serve you in the initial process of illumination onto the path you are meant to travel upon on this earth during our retreat.

But it is up to you to take the leap…

the Frequently asked Q’s

Please read thoroughly for any questions you may have.

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What are the dates?


what is included in the price?

7 days and 6 nights in Villa Pardi + Breakfast every morning. Shuttle to activities + all activities.

what activities are planned?

Tour around Lucca’s iconic city center, Private tours to two historic Villas, Reale di Marlia & Villa Torrigiani, Daily Workshops with Courtney at Villa Pardi, Dinner and Wine tasting in the Tuscan Hills

how do I get to the villa?

The nearest airport is Pisa, which is about 25 minutes from the Villa. From there you can rent your own vehicle or take a taxi to the Villa. Shuttle will be provided for activities off-site. Once you book your room you will be contacted and assisted with all travel to and from the Villa once you arrive in Italy.

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Are there vegan/vegetarian options?

Yes. Once you have booked your room you will be contacted about meal preferences.

what do i need to provide for myself?

Transportation to the Villa and departing the Villa at the end of the retreat. Lunch and any activities you desire to do outside of the retreat.

what rooms are available to book?

One triple room with three beds. Two studios with two beds. One standard room with one bed. If you are traveling as a couple please request a discounted pricing by reaching out to

what is the pricing per person?


Shared triple room 1,800 euros – 2 bookings available
Our shared triple room has three beds available and a private bathroom. This is the most affordable option for guests.

Standard room 2,800 euros – 1 booking available
This standard room is a stand-alone room for one guest. If traveling as a couple this room is available for double the price minus a companion discount.

Studio 2,400 euros 4 bookings available
We have two studios with two beds per room. This comes with a small kitchen as well as a private bathroom.


the Scheduled Payment Plans

Retreat Rooms purchased are refundable up to 45 days prior to retreat start date minus the non-refundable deposit required to secure your spot. If for any reason you are unable to attend our retreat after the 45 day mark has passed a credit will be held for a future retreat offering. Please read our Purchase Policy (linked below) thoroughly and email for any questions regarding Retreat Rooms.

Path of the Heart Take Me to Tuscany pricing includes: 7 days and 6 nights at Villa Pardi, Breakfast every morning, Transportation to scheduled activities and all activities. It does not include: airport pick up or drop off, lunch and dinner, transportation outside of the scheduled activities. We’ve designed this wellness retreat to present the perfect introduction to Lucca, Italy. 

Click here to read our Purchase Policy


Payment Plan 1

All in! Take me to Tuscany

Pick your room and pay in full to complete the financial portion of your journey

Payment Plan 2

Request a Payment Plan

Put down a deposit and customize your payment plan. Full payment completed 6 weeks before the retreat.

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