Path of the Heart Take me to Tropea

A yoga retreat designed to illuminate your heart while exploring the coast of the gods

Embrace your yoga practice in the enchanting village of Tropea, Italy during our Path of the Heart Yoga Retreat. Immerse yourself for 8 days and 7 nights in the serenity of Villa Paola, a 16th-century monastery turned luxurious haven. Indulge in the breathtaking views of the Coast of the Gods from the infinity pool and explore the meticulously designed terraced garden.

As part of your retreat, experience the ultimate relaxation at Capo Vaticano Resort and Thalasso Spa, rejuvenating your body and soul. Embark on an unforgettable excursion to the Aeolian Islands, where you will witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Stromboli and Panerea. Let the heavenly realms of Tropea nourish your spirit and illuminate the path of your heart.

Tropea 2024

Why choose the Path of the Heart Yoga Retreat?

because your heart is your internal compass to your Heaven on Earth

A way of life where everything you seek is in your external reality

Through movement, meditation, and breathwork 

We illuminate our hearts into guiding us in our external reality. Fulfilled to the highest realm. Not wanting or seeking. Finding the practice of stillness simply to embrace everything in your present reality. A life you’ve always dreamed of filled with an abundance of beauty. A breakthrough in consciousness that catapults you beyond the realms of limitations.

I am Lynn, a 12-year spiritual practitioner and devoted student to the lifelong practice of yoga. Founder of Tropea Yoga and Heavenly Earth Retreats. Both heart-led creations came to me upon arriving in Tropea, and have gifted me a place of service and  community. I will be your guide throughout this Path of the Heart journey.


Tell me more…

How will this Retreat guide me?

Through the present moment experience
01Setting our intention to welcome the Path of the Heart to guide us wherever it may lead

02Daily Meditation and Yoga classes, and Card Readings

03Physical excursions designed to illuminate your heart center by witnessing the magnificent gift of life itself

04Moments of reflection, vision boards, and deep relaxation to absorb it all

Welcome to Villa Paola Tropea

Our sanctuary during the retreat

Our retreat is hosted at Villa Paola Tropea. Located 10 minutes walking distance from the center of Tropea with private beach access to the Tyrrhenian sea.

We have 5 superior rooms available for a shared living space for two guests. If you are traveling with a friend or a companion, please let us know so we place you together in the same room.

There are two options to arrive to the villa from the airport, Lamezia Terme. Your first option is to arrange a private shuttle bus to pick you up on arrival, which we are more then happy to assist you with. Your second option is to take a train into Tropea and then walk from the train station to the villa. It’s a 15 minute walk, completely accessible, but if you have a bit of fear walking along a busy street this might not be the best option for you. Once you book your spot I will be in contact with you to help you set up the best arrangements for your needs.

Scheduled Activities

For our Path of the Heart Tropea Yoga Retreat

What’s included:
8 days and 7 nights at Villa Paola Tropea.  Breakfast and dinner. Yoga, Meditation, and Card Readings with Lynn. A day trip to Stromboli and Panerea with our private charter boat, Mare Degli Dei. Hosted by Marina del Gabbiano for an afternoon aperitivo after swimming and touring the islands by taxi. A Vision Board Workshop, and a trip to Capo Vaticano Resort and Thalasso Spa for a spa day and lunch over looking the sea.

Day 1 – Arrival at

Villa Paola 

Check-in, settle into rooms, and meet retreat group

Day 1 our focus will be arrival, check-in, and settling into rooms. We have our first group activity for dinner at 8 pm.

Once you book the retreat Lynn will be in contact with you to assist with any questions you have about traveling to Tropea. For a point of reference, the nearest airport is Lamezia Terme and we can assist you to arrange for a shuttle service to pick you up from the airport. The trip will be about 55 minutes from the airport to Tropea. It is a scenic, beautiful drive that will help ground you before you arrive. You do not need to worry about transportation in Tropea as the villa is located within walking distance to the center of Tropea and the sea. Transportation to and from the airport is not included, but we can assist you in making arrangements upon arrival.

Limited spots are available. Please book your room as soon as possible.

Day 2 – Yoga, Beach day, and dinner in the center of Tropea

Our Yoga retreat begins with a slow and steady day on our mats

We meet in the morning for an opening ceremony to set intentions, journal, and practice breathing techniques. At 9 am we step on our mats for a vinyasa flow followed by the buffet-style breakfast. We close the morning with a card reading and a break to prepare for the beach.

In the afternoon I am taking you on a local tour of all of Tropea’s accessible beaches. On the beach we have a mini-yoga practice and a swim to enjoy the sea. 

 At lunch time we choose a lido on the beach and then close out the day watching the sunset over the sea. Once our beach day is complete you will have some free time at the villa to get ready as we meet in the city center for dinner at a local restaurant.

Morning practice, tour of Tropea’s beaches and swim, lunch at a lido, dinner in the city center

Day 3 – Tour Tropea Center and visit Santa Maria dell’Isola

walk the cobblestone streets of tropea

We begin Day 3 with our morning practice followed by breakfast and our daily card reading. In the afternoon we make our way to Tropea’s city center for lunch, gelato, and a visit to Santa Maria dell’Isola.

During our visit, I am taking you around on a tour of places you might not know about and with some history of this ancient village.

We return back to the villa for some free time before we meet for our evening yoga practice followed by dinner at the villa.

Tour of Tropea center, visit Santa Maria dell’Isola, lunch in the city, and dinner at the villa

Day 4 – Boat trip to Stromboli & Panarea

Excursion day

We are departing Porto di Tropea at 9am with Mare Degli Dei for our private tour to Stromboli and Panarea. Drinks and snacks are served on board. We arrive on Panarea Island after 1hr and 25m, and stop to take a swim in some of the most beautiful places around the island. We head onto the island for lunch and then depart Panarea to visit Stromboli.

Our planned stops are at Forgia Vecchia beach and/or Strombolicchio to take a swim then we arrive at Stromboli at a docking area and buoy field called Marina del Gabbiano. We’re taking a quick tour of the island by taxi, and then finishing the day with a full-size Aperitif at Marina del Gabbiano with Aeolian appetizer prepared by their chef

We reboard the boat from the docking area, to visit Sciara del Fuoco to see the explosions of Stromboli from the sea at sunset

We arrive back in Tropea around 20:15 for dinner at the Villa


A visit to Stromboli and Panarea, two of the Aeolian Islands

Day 5 – Vision Board Workshop at Villa Paola

manifestation day

Our morning practice begins with meditation, journal time, and breath work. Followed by our vinyasa flow, breakfast, and our daily card reading. We break at noon for some personal time and regroup at around 14:00 for a Vision Board Workshop with a special guest, Su Guillory.

This workshop is an opportunity to be creative, play with your imagination, and build it into your external reality through art. It can be a time to honor your present reality, reflect on your past, and manifest your desires for the future. The board will be small enough to travel with you in a medium size suitcase, and if there is a challenge to return back with it then I am capable of mailing it to you. 

This workshop will be as long or as short as you’d like. We will break for free time before our practice in the evening followed by dinner at the villa.


Daily practice, vision board workshop, dinner at the villa

Day 6 – Capo Vaticano Resort and Thalasso Spa

Spa day and lunch at the resort

Our morning practice begins with meditation, journal time, and breath work. Followed by our vinyasa flow and breakfast after. We will complete our daily card reading and then break to prepare a day trip to Capo Vaticano Resort. A 20 minute ride from Tropea. (this transportation is included in your stay)

Once we arrive to the resort we have access to their spa. Hydro water jets, sauna, steam room, pool, and so much more. Additional options to add on a massage or facial is possible. We can make any arrangements for you at the time of your booking. 

Once our spa day is complete we have lunch set up at their restaurant overlooking the sea. After lunch we return back to the villa for some free time before we meet for our afternoon vinyasa class and dinner in the evening.


A trip to Capo Vaticano Resort and Thalasso Spa

Day 7 – Day at the Villa and Free Time

Our last full day together

For our final day at the villa, we are starting with our morning practice, followed by breakfast and our daily card readings. Afterward, everyone has a free day to do whatever personal desires they have.

Whether that is shopping in the city center, heading down to the beach, receiving personal readings from Lynn, or doing yoga on the terraces, this day is all for you.

In the evening we will meet for our final dinner together at the villa.

Daily practice, free day, and dinner at the villa

Day 8 – Water Blessing with Closing Ceremony

departure day

For our morning practice, we are going to the sacred waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea for a water blessing. 

You are receiving a purity pour of the sea along your crown chakra to illuminate your energy body and close our path of the heart retreat.

Once complete we return to the villa for our last breakfast together, and then say our goodbyes in a heartfelt closing ceremony.

Water blessing, closing ceremony, departure day


Our first yoga retreat at villa paola in october 2023

These three special women embarked on the Path of the Heart Take Me to Tropea Retreat in October of 2023 at Villa Paola. The joy, laughter, happiness, and moments spent together in our practice as a community is the Light our world needs. A realization that no matter where we come from or what we are going through in life, we can come together and create moments in harmony. 

Three women leaning on a ledge overlooking the sea and a beautiful village in Italy

Villa Paola

One of the breathtaking views from Villa Paola is the gift of seeing Tropea from afar, as the magnificent sea side cliff village it is.

Our Sacred Tree

The grounds where we spend every morning. In meditation, journal time, and breath work. 

The Lotus Studio

Our little sanctuary that looks right over the sea for our morning practice.

Three women leaning on a ledge overlooking the sea and a beautiful village in Italy

Path of the Heart

Dancing Shivas at sunset with a swim in the Tyrrhenian sea after our beach yoga practice.

Rest in Retreat

Spend your personal time exploring the enchanting gardens of the villa. Journal, rest, and receive in retreat.

Water Blessings

To complete our time together in community, honoring our self and another, a water blessing is gifted along your crown chakra.

Every Feeling in our Heart has Purpose

And the way to deeply connect to it is to get out of the mind and into the body

On the Path of the Heart, you are receiving this opportunity

Because it is already within you seeking to be seen. Affirmations you are ready to receive:
01I Am Worthy. I am worthy to walk the Path of my Heart and receive everything I feel inside my body.
02I Am Ready. I am ready to walk the Path of My Heart to align me with my Soul’s purpose and destiny.
03I Am Trust. I am trusting that who I am and who I desire to be is awaiting me on the other side of this journey.
04I Am Wise. I am wise in following the Path of My Heart. It is who I truly am and who I will be in infinity.

On the Path of the Heart, you are receiving this guidance

Internal connections through external experiences 

01 Yoga, breath work, meditation, and journal prompts

02 Excursions to illuminate the magnificent world you have the gift of seeing

03 Community, connection, and a heightened awareness of what your deeply seek

04This retreat will help you forge a deeper connection to your Soul and your Heart and give you inspiration to fulfill any dream

I Am Lynn, your Guide on the Path of the Heart

Founder of Tropea yoga & heavenly earth retreats, Yoga teacher at Villa Paola Tropea

A 12-year spiritual practitioner in devotion to the lifelong practice of yoga. Originally from Austin, TX, I made my way to Calabria in January of 2022 with my little bambino, Luca at my side. We took the biggest leap of our lives moving to a foreign country without knowing the language or having any family by our side. When I am asked, “Why?” or “How did you do it?” My answer is always the same, “My Heart told me too and the Universe created the way.”

My personal practice began at the ripe age of 22 and I achieved a lot of recognition as a yoga teacher. I became a sponsored athlete, broke a world record for the largest yoga class on the water, started my own yoga company, and was featured in magazines and news channels for my success. In 2019 I received an opportunity to work for Miraval Austin and was promoted within 7 months of my residency from yoga teacher to Integrative Wellness specialist. I began working with VPs of the company, CEOs, Political People, and Celebrities for my work on emotional body cleansing. It was a dream job that I reached at the ripe age of 29, but once I received Luca I knew that all had to change.

I let go of my titles and career of 10 years and found myself in Tropea Italy teaching yoga classes on the beach. Villa Paola noticed me within the first month of operating Tropea Yoga and invited me to teach yoga classes daily at their beautiful hotel. In October 2023 I hosted my first international retreat and realized that I had found my little place in the world. 

All because I chose my Heart by choosing Luca nearly three years ago, now I have the Heaven on Earth I have always seen and felt was meant to be in my external reality.

This is how I live my life and lead my offerings, through the Path of the Heart

the Frequently asked Q’s

Please read thoroughly for any questions you may have.
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What are the dates?

Arriving Sunday 16th of June 2024 and Departing Sunday 23rd of June 2024

what is included in the price?
  • 8 days and 7 nights at Villa Paola Tropea
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • Yoga, Meditation, & Card Readings
  • Day trip to Stromboli & Panarea by Private boat
  • Lunch + Apertivo on the islands
  • Spa day at Capo Vaticano Resort + Lunch
  • Vision Board Workshop
what activities are planned?

Yoga, Meditation, and Card Readings daily

A tour of Tropea’s beaches and the city center as well as a visit to Santa Maria dell’Isola

Day trip to Stromboli & Panarea by private boat

Spa day + lunch at Capo Vaticano Resort

Vision board workshop

how do I get to the hotel?

You can take a shuttle service directly to Villa Paola or a train to Tropea. Once you confirm your booking I will be in contact with you to help you arrange your transportation.

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Are there vegan/vegetarian options?

Yes. Once you have booked your room you will be contacted about meal preferences.

what do i need to provide for myself?

The only meal not included in the retreat is lunch. Everything else is included. We are close enough to the center of Tropea for you to walk into town and have a meal. 10 minutes walking distance. Airport transfer is also not included, but we can assist you with arrangements.

what rooms are available to book?

Superior Room with a private bathroom and large shared terrace overlooking the Tropea and the Sea. This will be a shared room with one other participant.

what is the pricing per person?


A non-refundable deposit of 1.050€ is needed to secure your spot today

Total All-Inclusive Retreat Price PER PERSON: 4.050,00€

the Payment to Receive

 Retreat Rooms purchased are refundable up to 60 days prior to retreat start date minus the processing fess + tax, and the non-refundable deposit required to secure your spot. If for any reason you are unable to attend our retreat after the 60 day mark has passed a credit will be held for a future retreat offering. Please read our Purchase Policy (linked below) thoroughly and email for any questions regarding Retreat Rooms.

Path of the Heart Take Me to Tropea is all-inclusive retreat. Each Retreat Room purchase includes all excursions plus lunch and apertivo outside the villa, breakfast every day and dinner on select days at the villa. All daily yoga and classes with Lynn. The only meal not included is lunch and the only service not included is airport transfer. We’ve designed this wellness retreat to present the perfect introduction to one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. 


payment STEP 1

Pay your non-refundable deposit to secure your spot as soon as possible

Once confirmed Lynn will be in contact with you within 24 hours to assist you with any needs you have

Payment step 2

Set up your room reservation with Villa Paola Tropea

Set up your final payment for Heavenly Earth Retreats

Lynn will be in contact with you to assist you as soon as your non-refundable deposit is complete

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