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These are my teachers. The ones whose wisdom shaped me into the woman I am today

Along with my family bloodline in spiritual practices and religious beliefs

Honoring the teachings that have come before us and the ones that will come after us is a true testament of gratitude. It is a recognition that we are preordained to align with teachers, lovers, partners, and friendships for the evolution of our consciousness.

Without wisdom from one who was before you, there would be no teaching to receive. The Self would not recognize there is more to learn and experience if another Soul on earth did not step into their light and share what they have received on their journey.

Therefore it is for the highest good of humanity for all of us to share the wisdom we have receive. That way every Soul on earth has an opportunity to receive. I am forever grateful for the teachers of my past, present, and future years to come.



When the student is ready the teacher will appear

In Gratitude


Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Modern Day Shaman

Shamanic Energy Medicine is the beginning of Spirituality. It is the most sacred, potent holistic healing modality I have studied. There are many different shamanic practices to explore, and I highly encourage you to do so. It is only in recent years that Dr. Villodo brought his teachings online to be accessible to all for the greater good of humanity. 


Lynn Caroll-Rivera

Astrology & Tarot

Lynn is the planets incarnated as one. The wisdom that comes through her vessel from the practice of Astrology and Tarot is one I have not seen from many. A dear friend and teacher I still work with to this day. She is the resident Astrolger at Miraval Austin and founder of Abundant Heart Circle.


Su Guillory

Spiritual Business Coach

Su was gifted to me from the Universe in the most Divine way. Before she moved to Calabria she came to visit and was my neighbor for her stay. We met and instantly formed a connection. Throughout the creation of HER, my international retreat business, Su edited and guided me with the launch and marketing techniques. I highly recommend her for any business coaching needs.


Dr. joe dispenza

Doctor of Chiropractor

Dr. Joe’s mission is an extraordinary gift to the collective. Demystifying mysticism through scientific studies to reach  beyond the blocks the subconscious mind has built around supernatural phenomenons. His research supports the emotional memories of the Heart and how to break free of the chains the trauma created. The Cleansing Ceremony I created for Miraval Austin is in direct alignment with his teachings. I held sacred space to allow the emotional body to break free and transformed thousands of lives over my 3 year residency. 


Ana Ligia Hollis

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Ana is the founder of Yoga Shala San Antonio and my first yoga teacher. After three years as a student I took my first YTT with Ana in 2014 in the Ashtanga Lineage, the beginning of Yoga. Through her teachings I acquired a lifelong practice that will carry me in health and longevity for the rest of my lifetime.


Frances Parnell

My Grandmother

She was my beginning. Guiding me from the moment I came onto this earth in a way that I could understand. When she spoke to me in my childhood in a Spiritual context she would begin with, “Courtney, you are very different. You will always be different.” As she taught me how to follow my internal wisdom using external tools. She is my Spiritual lineage from Poland that married an Irish Catholic thus forming our Spiritual Religious household. 

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knowledge is useful, but wisdom is powerful

Books I absolutely love

Awakening your inner shaman

A mystical memoir and beautiful read by Marcela Lobos. An introduction to the Shamanic Medicine Wheel and opportunity to see if Shamanic Energy Medicine resonates with you. Catered towards the Feminine. 

Loyalty to your soul

This powerful book will come to you when you are ready. To take complete responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions, and words. It turns your lens inward to your Soul. A book that can be read many times over yet you will always find something new.

TAO TE CHING The book of the Way

Studying the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching changed my life. These teachings from the great Chinese Proverb, Lao-Tzu lead the seeking Soul to an infinite knowing of trust in oneself and the collective. Audio is a great option as well.

The Lost Verses by Steven Ross

Steven is an Intuitive Guide at Miraval Austin and a dear friend of mine. The wisdom that flows through his teachings is impactful from the beginning. He is also the co-director of Spiritual Living School.

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