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This journey we are living is meant to be a harmonious one, but unbeknownst to us we’ve been detoured off our alignment with the Universe and are seeking answers as to why.

This show will gift you an introduction to go back to the very beginning of your life to rewrite your past, release energetic blockages to receive in the present, and gift you the ability to foresee your future from your mind’s eye.

Through guidance from world-renown practitioners and deep internal work, your journey begins again with Sacred Earth Life.

Sacred Earth Life

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Whether you’re a seasonal listener or just finding our show, these episodes bring ancient wisdom into our modern-day society. Teachings range from experts in their holistic healing modalities to my personal story in following the path of my heart. 

In this final episode, I share what has come forth for me on this Path of the Heart journey. An awareness that cannot be taught, but must be found. For Heaven is not a place that will come after you leave the physical world reality. It is right here, in the Now. Happening right before your eyes. The way to come into this awareness is by following the guidance of your heart, no matter what external circumstances come your way.

This is why you are always seeking. This is why you are attached to what you receive. Because after this lifetime is emptiness and you will no longer be who you are, for a new journey awaits in another lifetime. For you to learn, explore, and eventually, find your Heavenly Earth. Infinite blessings to us all.

What Ancient Practices are shared on the show?

Endless insights from

01Astrology and Tarot with Lynn Caroll-Rivera from Abundant Heart Circle

02The Alchemy of Hypnotherapy with Jerry Zeiger from Whole New Light

03Craniosacral Therapy with Christian Current at Christian Michael Current

04The Labriynth with Lori Mulady Burdick at Seeking Solace Counseling

05 Shamanic Energy Medicine with Susan Staples at

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With over 2,000 downloads on Spotify and Apple, we’re sharing our most loved episodes below. Tune in here to catch a glimpse into our seasonal podcast for Sacred Earth Life.

In this episode, I share about the beginning of my journey that ignited the ability to see an effortless flow of energy, and how I began to follow it. By doing my own internal work with the practitioners I share throughout this show, I am receiving a life I have always seen in my dreams and I feel called to share this ancient alignment with the world.

My prayer is that you open your heart to see the light that resides within to receive the Abundance flowing around us all. 

There are very few moments in our lives that gift us that turning point we’ve been patiently waiting for. When the external reflects what the internal has felt all along. A beautiful synchronicity of divine events that make an experience feel like it was meant just for us ,and that is exactly what happened for me. In this episode I share what Lori, a genuine heart of gold, has gifted me through her practice with the Labyrinth. She takes us all on a journey through her own personal experiences, the balance in her spiritual and religious beliefs as well as an in-depth description in walking the path of the Labyrinth. Lori shares the birth of Sophia! Her very first (but certainly, not last!) Labyrinth and the beautiful blessing she invited everyone at Miraval Austin to take part in. This was the moment that changed the course of my practice for the rest of this lifetime. An episode and memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. With all my heart, Thank you Lori.

After arriving in Italy the realization of how many signs that were leading us here became present. In this episode, I dive into how I was following them along the entire journey. From my makeup compact reading, “Made in Italy” to a white jumpsuit my Mother bought me that was from Lucca, Italy, to having thoughts of cutting my hair and then it actually catching on fire!

Seriously, the Universe is always speaking to us. Once you become cleansed in the internal world to receive clear communication the external begins to reflect it naturally. The biggest sign I received was confirmation of this entire journey. A native flower to the region I now call home, the angelic aroma from the citurs Orange Blossom. 

This is it! A neutral moment in time where you are given an opportunity to jump into the new realm of life and trust the Path of your Heart or return back to your previous life.

Neither is right or wrong–it is simply a neutral moment when you are encouraged to evoke your Power of Choice and express to the Universe whether you are ready or not for what is waiting for you.

In this episode, I share in-depth about this neutral space in time arriving for me, what came forth emotionally and mentally, and what choice I made when it was time to take the leap.