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Opening a new channel to connect authentically and creatively

one-on-one spiritual advisor 

I’m not going to coach you in life because I don’t believe anyone should be telling anyone on earth what to do. You are born with the tools you need to discover what you seek in this external reality. Where we can help one another in life is to illuminate what needs to be seen.

I am stepping into my Light and offering Spiritual Guidance. A second set of eyes on your life that can potentially see the path you might be missing. Through this digital space, we can connect authentically and creatively by co-communicating our present reality.

This service is for the Soul who is seeking to see beyond the realms of the external reality and into the depths of her Soul. We will track your lifeline, analyze your Natal chart, align with the Oracle & Tarot for future and present guidance, and take a 360 view of your life. Internally and externally.

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Heartfelt Notes from My Students

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Collaborating with local companies in Tropea for HER blog opens up a world of authentic and creative connections. I’m devoted to showcasing the best of what Tropea has to offer, and that includes the incredible businesses that call this place home.

By featuring local businesses on HER blog, we provide a platform for them to shine and share their stories with our international audience. Together, we are creating a vibrant community of collaboration and support, as we explore the wonders of Tropea through the lens of these extraordinary local companies.

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Journey into the Heart

A self discovery course launching in 2024

Sometimes in-person offerings don’t align with our present moment. Fortunately, this digital realm is an extension of the Universe and we can receive incredible teachings in the comfort of our homes. I’ve found great benefits from online courses in many different modalities and felt the opportunity aligns with Heavenly Earth Retreats as well.

The 9 chakra illumination has called me into service the same way emotional body cleansing did in 2017. I had no idea the effect it would have on the thousands of Souls I gifted it to in ceremony, all I knew was how impactful it was for me. After receiving the 9 chakra illumination from my teacher I’ve come to the awareness this is the next portion of my service to the collective consciousness.

Coming Soon!

Heartfelt Notes

Elissa White:

Looking back in my journal I came across a prayer that Courtney once wrote me in a cleansing ceremony.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was overwhelmed with emotions. A part of me wanted another kid, but I was in a new relationship, struggling financially, and still feeling the aftermath of a divorce.
I was ashamed and embarrassed to tell anyone the news. When I did finally gain the courage to tell a few close friends they encouraged me to end the pregnancy. Their reaction to the pregnancy made me feel a lot worse.
One day I went crying to Courtney about my problems. She told me exactly what I needed to hear. Over the next few days, she wrote the prayer for me. Then she held a ceremony for me where she had my voice and write out my past demons and fears. She had me recite the prayer again and again. She had me look in the mirror and not feel shameful when I said the words “I am pregnant”. She even gave me a green pen to write with to help me gain financial stability. She said I just had to believe in myself and it would happen.
I am now married, in love, financially stable, and have a handsome baby boy.

 I can honestly say that Courtney changed the direction of my life. She was there for me when nobody else was and told me exactly what I needed to hear. She made me feel strong and believe in myself. I am forever grateful.

Tracey Lee:

I am writing to let you know how immensely grateful I am for the incredibly thoughtful and exceptionally creative yoga experience that was gifted to me.

 I expressed to the girls before the trip that I wanted to start my day with yoga and to view that video and discover that it was personal, blew my mind! That was hands down one of the most fascinating gifts I have ever received, especially for such a milestone birthday. I still get emotional thinking about it.
Thank you for giving me so much to evaluate and to be hopeful for. Your perspective is truly eye-opening and made me that much more proud to be turning 50. 

Your expressing the fact that I have known this earth for 50 years nearly brought me to my knees! I cannot thank you enough.

Crystal A Vazquez:

The first time I met Courtney she gave me a sense of peace and calm and it was just amazing.

My friend and I had a cleansing ceremony scheduled at Miraval and it was one do the best experiences we had out of all the different activities we did. It was my favorite one!

I felt lighter and more at peace after the ceremony, is really hard to explain with words, it is something you have to experience yourself.

Holly Phelps:

Life changing experience

If you are looking for a meditation/yoga expert you have found the best. I’m so grateful for Courtney.


One-on-one connection & guidance

Spiritual Advisor

Looking for a spiritual advisor? I’m offering one-on-one services to connect with your inner truth and guide you on your path of self-discovery. Embrace the power of personal transformation as you explore the depths of your soul and unlock the wisdom that lies within.

Through personalized sessions, we will navigate the complexities of life, helping you align with your purpose and find clarity in the midst of chaos. Let me be your guide on this sacred journey towards self-realization and inner peace.

Book a Photoshoot


Local to Tropea Italy

Goddess Gallery

Every woman and man embodies a different God/Goddess archetype throughout their lives. It’s a part of our evolution to shift and change into different parts of ourselves throughout our journey.

Some women embody Aphrodite as the sensual Goddess of all things beauty, solely channeling her own Divine energy. Some men embody Poseidon as the God of the Sea. With strength and perseverance to cause and create catastrophes.

My passion in photography is to capture the God/Goddess archetype within you and showcase them (if desired) in a purchasable gallery.

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