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What is it like to live in Tropea?

I receive this question often followed by a gasp of air after I share the story of how Luca and I arrived here. I don’t have an easy, simple answer that I’m sure most people are expecting. In fact, there isn’t a logical reason attached to any part of our journey here. So I answer with the only reason I have which is my Heart guided me here. In May of 2021, I came across an article in the NY Times that the southern peninsula of Italy was paying people to move here. From that article I found Tropea. The moment I saw Santa Maria dell Isola, that beautiful white church perched up on the rock in the sea, I knew I had found my heavenly earth and I would be living in Tropea one day.


That was the vision of living in Tropea


Now let’s talk about bringing it into my external reality. Luca and I left America on January 27th, 2022, and arrived in Calabria on January 28th, 2022. We didn’t move directly to Tropea, because I had connected with a woman who was helping us with immigration here. She lived on the other side of Calabria along the Ionian Sea near Soverato. So, this is where Luca and I began our journey. I booked a home on Air B&B for one month right on the sea. The owner surprised us with a brand new renovated home that faced the hills of Calabria, with the sea on the other side. We ended up contracting to stay there for the year while we worked on immigrating to the country.


For the first five months, Italy was still in lockdown, so there wasn’t much we could do. We walked the beach, went to the local markets, and decompressed from our life-altering journey. Every evening I would watch the Sun as it slowly drifted over the hills and I would feel this deep sense of sadness. From this side of Italy, it is impossible to see the sunset because of the hills right in the middle of the region. This enhanced the desire for Tropea even more, so in June Luca and I made it to Tropea for a long vacation and stayed eight days and seven nights. I wanted to see what was here, how it felt, and if there was a possibility to make it our home.


Once we arrived the desire softened into harmony with the classical sounds of the piano playing in the piazza



We would return to Tropea all summer and in December for Christmas. Then in January 2023, we received the opportunity to move here and my vision finally made it into my external reality. The place we were staying overlooked the sea and you could see the sunset every night with stromboli. It was the epitome of my Heaven on Earth and I could finally feel the energy of living here long-term. If you would like to read more about that transition I wrote an article about the first months of living in Tropea here.

As we’re approaching the end of 2023 I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on our first year. With the rebirth of HER (Heavenly Earth Retreats) exactly one year later this platform was launched I’m tuning back into the initial intention I had upon arriving. To be of service and create a pathway to share this heavenly realm with any Soul who is seeking.

Of course, as the Universe likes to give more than we ask for, I’ve received a community of women who have the same intention as me. I did not force this path, this path was created for me. Each step opened up as I followed my Heart and let the feeling of which way was right and which way was wrong guide me.


Which is what I am guiding during our Path of the Heart Take Me to Tropea in June 2024



Our second Path of the Heart retreat at Villa Paola is ready to receive you! A remarkable location that has become an everyday sanctuary for a local living in Tropea. From the enchanting gardens with the infinity pool overlooking Tropea and the Tyrrhenian sea to their exquisite dining and terraces taking you above the ground and into the clouds, it’s the perfect location for our retreat.

Yoga, meditation, chakra illuminations, vision boards, and a tour around Tropea to meet my community. A trip to their second location, Capo Vaticano Resort and Thalasso Spa, and a private boat tour to the Eolie Islands. A retreat of a lifetime and an opportunity to join our heart-led community.

For more information on attending, you can reach out to me directly at




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