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Path of the Heart 

There are very few moments in life when I am living in the present moment and feeling the vibration of what was once a dream. But in Tropea, this seems to be a common reality. I hosted my first international Yoga and Wellness Retreat designed around deeply connecting to the Heart and witnessed a group of women shift into a mindset that they can truly overcome and accomplish anything their Soul dreams. For me, the retreat gifted me the confidence to fully step into my own power and lead. Knowing that by doing so I am gifting the same opportunities I receive to others and igniting a life-changing, heart-led, living in a Heaven on Earth reality.

Villa Paola


Our location was nothing short of extraordinary. Pictured above is just one of the breathtaking views that reside on every corner of Villa Paola. Once a 16th-century monastery that, within recent years, has been turned into a 5-star boutique hotel. Its location is prime when you are seeking a peaceful setting while still having access to Tropea and the beaches just below the villa. 

The views of the Tyrrhenian Sea along with the enchanting gardens of the grounds created a safe, sacred, and holy space for our retreat group. Fortunately, months before this retreat I received an invitation to view the grounds to teach my yoga and meditation classes. So, I knew the energy of the villa and had formed a deep bond with everyone who was of service there. I felt right at home and so did the women for the retreat.
Visit Villa Paola Tropea

Our Wellness Retreat


Although I have held four yoga retreats in the States, the energy from this felt completely different. I had three women from three different countries. France, Belgium, and America. Two who were multi-lingual and one who only spoke English. It was an interesting experience to switch between languages to make sure they each understood the guidance. To top that off it wasn’t just yoga that I was offering, but I added on a 9-chakra illumination which is a shamanic technique I have been studying since 2021. Fortunately, our small group made this first retreat manageable and gifted me the opportunity to see what areas flowed and what parts I could enhance.

Our daily schedule was strict in the mornings and free-flowing in the evenings. We started at 8 a.m. with our chakra illumination, followed by a one-hour vinyasa flow, and then sat down for breakfast to do card readings. We received guidance from Tarot, Astrology, and Oracle decks and I had each of them choose a crystal that gifted them an individual message to follow throughout the retreat.

In the afternoon everyone took personal time for reflection and to study the 9 chakra illumination guide. We would regroup in the evenings and made it a point to never miss a sunset together on the beach. During their journal time, the prompts were to write out any and all negative feelings, memories, and emotions pertaining to the chakra we would work with the following morning. When we started the illumination we would journey into the chakra (a shamanic technique) to see what energy resided in the subconscious.  Once discovered, we would unthread the story from our chakra and place it in the fire to illuminate and release followed by a burn ceremony of what was written out the night before.

It was deep work, but purposeful. There were moments of silence but also bursts of laughter. A sense of feeling childlike while playing back in the internal world of imagination. Tears, smiles, questions, breakthroughs, and epiphanies seemed to be behind every experience. In retreat, we were in this energy field of Oneness and there was this unbreakable force that encapsulated us all.

It was an open-heart experience that turned into a beautiful recognition of one another


There was one, non-negotiable rule: no alcohol or substance use during the wellness retreat. The reason for this is simple… when we are doing deep work in the energy body the only way to access it consciously is to be a clear vessel. Without an uncontrollable substance of any kind clouding our vision or judgment.

Once we completed our chakra illumination and retreat I gifted each of these beautiful women a rebirth and water blessing. Truthfully, this was the funniest, most spontaneous part! Imagine four women showing up on the beach dressed in white gowns. Each of us set up cameras and phones to record because it was a moment we wanted to capture for one another. Then the blessing began one by one, bowing to their knees to receive a purity pour of the sacred sea along their crown chakra.

Sacred Sea Water Blessings

When I arrived in Tropea I knew this would be a part of my journey. Blessings, prayer, and ceremony have been a part of my upbringing and became my full-time offering at Miraval Austin. This vision came long before I was Divinely abrupted from my previous life and placed here without any understanding as to why. All I knew was my Heart was telling me to go and I would be of service in some way to this beautiful village in Italy. Once I launched Tropea Yoga the community began to form overnight and the path unlocked to Heavenly Earth Retreats. It rippled out like a stone thrown across the sea and echoed to everyone here who I was and what I had started creating.

Which deepened my level of devotion back into practice after a year and a half off to rest. I healed from our drastic life-changing transition and found myself back in service once again just like my visions had guided me in May of 2021. Now when I walk the village of Tropea I am seen for who I am. The American yoga teacher with a small baby always walking everywhere. Every morning I have my route to take Luca to Asilo and wave to the exact same people as I walk to the villa for the day. I’ve become a part of the community in my own little way and I know as soon as I am fluent in their language, it’ll open up even more doors for Luca and me to grow.

As for Tropea Yoga the season has ended. Villa Paola closed on the 5th of November and my last public class was on Saturday the 4th of November. Personally, I am so ready for the off-season because I have so much studying and work to do myself. Another vision has formed for me after our Path of the Heart Retreat and although nearly everyone who I’ve shared it with says it’s impossible, if I can see it then I know it’s coming.

As for next year you can join us at Villa Paola in Tropea, Italy for another PATH OF THE HEART HEAVENLY EARTH RETREAT in June 2024. Limited spots are available as we only have 5 rooms at the Villa for our retreat. I highly encourage you to secure your spot as soon as possible as June is the best month to visit Tropea and the rooms will go quickly. If you are ready to commit to the Path of Your Heart then email me at <3


To my Heavenly Earth Angels, Marie Louise, Jessarae, and Nancy,


Thank you for entrusting me to guide you in this part of your journey. For being the first three women to fulfill a vision and co-create a dream. For seeing yourself in wisdom, courage, and strength, and becoming a powerful force of Divine Feminine energy to lead your own life through the Path of the Heart. You initiated a breakthrough in showing up for HER and I am looking forward to seeing where our paths realign once again and where we are in our own personal journey. With all my love and all my light, thank you, thank you, thank you. For absolutely everything <3


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