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The Goddess Awakens in our Heart before she Awakens in the world

Welcome to the goddess gallery of her

Where women come together to honor the goddess archetype through the powerful art of sensual photography and unwavering support.

In this sacred space, we celebrate the awakening of the Goddess in our hearts, fostering a deep connection with each other and the world around us.

Remembering our vibration as a divine sensual artist and co-creator of life, and presenting ourselves in the Light where shadows have been cast upon us. Our sensuality blooms in vibrant imagery, empowering us to embrace our divine femininity. 

Honoring the goddess within, we can create a harmonious and nurturing environment for all.

HER Gallery

A mystic goddess of the night it was the darkness that brought out her light

Goddess Gallery


lynn of tropea

Aphrodite Sea

A woman as wild and calm as the Sea
As strong and wise as the earth beneath her feet
As kind and soft as a gentle summer breeze
As loyal and loving as a sacred heartbeat
this is Aphrodite Sea

11/11 rebirth of Heavenly Earth Retreats

*This gallery contains 10 photos of sensual photography with nudity. Downloads are available after purchase.


Lynn of tropea

Aphrodite Dance

Aphrodite dance is one of the first photo shoots I did when I was discovering my divine feminine energy. This location, The White Sands National Monument in New Mexico had been on my list of places to visit. On Christmas day in 2017, I went on a solo road trip and when I arrived at this desert land in the middle of nowhere all I wanted to do was dance in the sun along the endless horizon.

*This gallery contains a set of 10 photos in sensual movements. There is no nudity. Downloads are available after purchase.


Lynn of Tropea

Aphrodite Tropea

What a pleasure it is to meet you. To become you. To feel your heartbeat thrive as you dance underneath the moon in your wild, free, divine feminine energy. I have longed for this version of Self to be reflected in my external reality. My Light and my Shadow united as One. 

*This gallery contains 13 photos of sensual yoga photography with partial nudity. Downloads are available after purchase.


Coming Soon

Goddess Gallery

New Goddess Gallery Releasing Soon ♥


Coming Soon

Goddess Gallery

New Goddess Gallery Releasing Soon ♥


Coming Soon

Goddess Gallery

New Goddess Gallery Releasing Soon ♥

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Path of the Heart Take Me to Tropea

A Yoga & Wellness retreat at Villa Paola 

Come and explore the Heavenly Realms of Tropea and the Tyrrhenian Sea.  7 days and 6 nights in the most beautiful village in Italy at the 5-star boutique hotel, Villa Paola.

This enchanting hotel overlooks Tropea and is within 10 minutes walking distance to the center.  During our retreat we have yoga and Meditation classes daily. Wellness Workshops to illuminate your dharma in life, vision boards, picnics, and sunsets at the beach.  Our excursions include a private boat tour to the Aeolian Islands, Stomboli and Panarea, and a trip to Capo Vaticano Thalasso Spa and Resort.


One-on-one connection & guidance

Spiritual Advisor

Looking for a spiritual advisor? I’m offering one-on-one services to connect with your inner truth and guide you on your path of self-discovery. Embrace the power of personal transformation as you explore the depths of your soul and unlock the wisdom that lies within.

Through personalized sessions, we will navigate the complexities of life, helping you align with your purpose and find clarity in the midst of chaos. Let me be your guide on this sacred journey towards self-realization and inner peace.

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Local to Tropea Italy

Goddess Gallery

Every woman and man embodies a different God/Goddess archetype throughout their lives. It’s a part of our evolution to shift and change into different parts of ourselves throughout our journey.

Some women embody Aphrodite as the sensual Goddess of all things beauty, solely channeling her own Divine energy. Some men embody Poseidon as the God of the Sea. With strength and perseverance to cause and create catastrophes.

My passion in photography is to capture the God/Goddess archetype within you and showcase them (if desired) in a purchasable gallery.

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