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The Goddess Gallery

A series of collections embodying the archetype of the Greek and Roman goddesses

In a woman’s lifetime, she will embody many Goddess archetypes relating to her deepest desires. The archetype Hera, Goddess of Marriage, seeks to fulfill the desire of a housewife in complete devotion to her husband, Zeus. Whereas Aphrodite, Goddess of Love & Beauty, embraced many lovers over her lifetime and is in complete devotion to herself. 

For some the embodiment of Hera and Aphrodite are both present at the same time. But if you aren’t aware of which archetype is active you might subconsciously be suppressing a vital part of your Soul’s existence. 

This gallery is in devotion to embracing the many different Goddess archetypes I feel are present in my life. Whether they are from the past or desires I foresee in the future. I create these collections as a form of expression for my Divine Feminine energy to feel safe in her holy essence of sensuality.


Lynn in Light

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The Aphrodite Collection


Lynn of Tropea

Aphrodite Tropea

What a pleasure it is to meet you. To become you. To feel your heartbeat thrive as you dance underneath the moon in your wild, free, divine feminine energy. I have longed for this version of Self to be reflected in my external reality. My Light and my Shadow united as One. Thriving, giving, nourishing, honoring, pleasuring, and igniting the most significant force of Self Love.


Aphrodite as a Yogi

Aphrodite Yogi

After five years of daily practice in my yoga journey, I found myself drawn to my sacral chakra where my sexuality, sensuality, and sacred creation power are stored. I began expressing myself through the openness of my energy body in my external reality and felt more powerful than I ever had as a woman in my life.


Love & Beauty

Aphrodite Lynn

Aphrodite has returned to me. She is a tremendous force of change and through her flow attraction, union, fertilization, incubation, and the birth of a new life are all possible. She came to me in a statue form at a small antique market back in October of 2022. Since then I have been praying to HER and she has led me back to my sensual self safely.

Each gallery contains a set of digital photos shot on a Fujifilm X-S10. Each photo is uploaded in its original format and available for download instantly. Once the purchase is complete you receive access to the gallery and an email with a link to access as well.

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