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Aphrodite as a Yogi

Sensual Sacred Sexuality


After five years of daily practice in my yoga journey, I found myself drawn to my sacral chakra where my sexuality, sensuality, and sacred creation power are stored. I began expressing myself through the openness of my energy body in my external reality and felt more powerful than I ever had as a woman in my life.

Through movement and breath, I created a synchronistic flow of connection between my mind, body, and soul. I was whole and complete. I felt liberated and free. I desired no one and no things, but the simplicity of being one within myself and my body. This connection took me deep into the Aphrodite archetype as a powerful force of feminine desire and beauty.

I received internal pleasure in honoring the natural curves of my body. The beauty I could capture in a photograph or video of my practice. I began to see myself in the pure essence of light as a Divine Feminine energy in this world. At the time I was unsure who I was embodying or why this version of myself was birthed into the external reality. What I did find was how much suppression women receive from this sacral chakra activation.


When this version of a woman is denied she may reject her interest in men and downplay her attractiveness


Out of fear of being judged or considered, “too much.” She may condemn herself for having sexual desires and feel guilt when expressing the Aphrodite archetype within. This suppression can lead to depression, fear, anxiety, confusion of the self, and a sense of unworthiness of physical intimacy and love. She becomes a version of what is deemed acceptable in society and suppresses her ability as a vessel and co-creator of life. Over time she will lose her vitality and a major part of her real self.


This is where I am currently… breaking free

I endured a major trauma in my life where my sensuality was used to suppress my Divine Feminine energy and harm me. It has taken years for me to arrive at a place of ownership again in my body. To know that the natural movements and expressive desires I feel are of my own and not another. I am learning how to embrace these sacred gifts once again through my yoga practice. I am finally opening my heart back up to love and physical intimacy after years of celibacy and complete devotion to raising my son.


This is extremely powerful for the Aphrodite archetype for self-expression through art and beauty


This archetype may or may not reside inside you, but Aphrodite is a part of my entity and I deeply desire to fulfill her callings. When you become conscious of Aphrodite you become aware of her patterns that you are destined to heal through her guidance. For me, a vow of celibacy gifted me years of observance within myself. To see where I misunderstood the connection between myself and another, and to rewrite the story of my virginity.

But my desire for being sensual and sexual never changed. It’s still present and I have found myself seeking an outlet to continue sharing this Aphrodite archetype within myself. Without giving my body to another or needing to separate myself from my son I can fulfill this desire and activate my sacral chakra through my art of sensual photography.

Thank you for supporting my art and journey in healing the Divine Feminine Sexual energy for the collective consciousness of us all.

Enjoy my small, intimate gallery of Aphrodite Yogi ♡

*This gallery contains a set of 13 sensual yoga photos in lingerie. The advanced yoga postures expressed in this gallery are in honor of the sacred space of the divine feminine portal of life and the activation of the sacral chakra. There is no nudity. Once purchased you receive access to the gallery and each photo is uploaded in a format available for print.*


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