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Lynn of Tropea


What a pleasure it is to meet you. To become you. To feel your heartbeat thrive as you dance underneath the moon in your wild, free, divine feminine energy. I have longed for this version of Self to be reflected in my external reality. My Light and my Shadow united as One. Thriving, giving, nourishing, honoring, pleasuring, and igniting the most significant force of Self Love.


I am Safe. I am Safe to be Here. I am Safe in my body.


Too long have we lived in a world where the wild heart within us has been caged. Where we have hidden these parts of ourselves and deemed them unworthy of expression. We must allow them to be seen. To stop hiding and pretending these deep desires of expression are not meant to be a part of our journey.


Through years of prayer, spiritual healing, celibacy, and worship of the Gods I received the guidance I was seeking. I arrived at a place where the sensual energy within me feels free. To open my Heart and reclaim the wild woman within me. This is what eight years of healing becomes when we begin walking the path of a wounded warrior and birthing Light into the darkest parts of self.


Light Consciousness as a living, breathing being in the Heart of Truth



Which gifted me with my Home on earth and knowing who I am and who my Soul was destined to be. Lynn of Tropea. A woman who makes love to Poseidon, God of the Sea. Who bows down to Apollo, God of the Sun, in worship to the illumination of Light he brings. Embracing Aphrodite as my goddess as she guides me through the deepest, darkest parts of myself. The internal question of ‘why’ I feel this urge of sensuality seeking to be seen. Listening to Hera and affirming her guidance in not giving my sacred sexuality to anyone casually. Therefore I vow to save my sexual connection with the Divine Masculine I am meant to marry. A call to my King.


Unity in the highest form of devotion is what I deeply seek, therefore I will not give myself openly until I receive


My vessel of life is not meant to be a playground for any masculine who doesn’t desire a commitment to walk this life beside me. This is one of the many reasons this gallery is so important to me. A way of expression without giving my body to someone else. As a Mother to a young masculine, one day he will seek a Father figure to help guide him in his life, and I will not give my precious time away to anyone who doesn’t recognize that is what is coming.



This is the path that aligns me with the one I deeply seek. Through the Aphrodite archetype, I was able to reignite this sensual passion inside me that had been suppressed for many years. Once I arrived in Tropea I was gifted my home and a sense of safety. It is through this combination that Lynn of Tropea, the woman I have been seeing in my dreams finally mirrored in my external reality. Now I am ready to embody her to her fullest potential. To live in harmony as a Light Conscious being in prayer that my King steps in and becomes a part of our journey.


Thank you for being here and supporting my art and passion for sensual photography. ♡


*This gallery contains 13 photos of sensual yoga photography. It is my way of expressing my artistic passion of love for the Divine Feminine as well as photography. Once your purchase is complete you will receive access to the gallery to view and download the photos. You will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions as each photo is protected under copyright law. This gallery does contain partial nudity*

Enjoy my intimate gallery of Aphrodite Tropea ♡



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