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The Rebirth of HER 11/11/2023

A woman as wild and calm as the Sea
As strong and wise as the earth beneath her feet
As kind and soft as a gentle summer breeze
As loyal and loving as a sacred heartbeat


A rebirth that fully embodies the woman I am destined to be, this is Aphrodite Sea


Who my Soul knows she is inside her body. Emerging from the shadows of projections that have been cast onto me, and blossoming into this woman who sees herself in all of her glory. Nude, wild, and completely free. The death of my previous identity into becoming the highest version of the Self. I’ve known HER, I’ve been seeking HER, and now I have become HER.

Alongside this gallery, I would like to share a personal note about how important this truly is to me…

When a woman becomes a Mother her body drastically changes. After breastfeeding Luca for 20 months I lost quite a bit of feminine confidence when my breasts returned back to a much smaller, and a lot less full size. I’ve been very self-conscious about them ever since.


This year, I lost a substantial amount of weight because of the physical exhaustion I put myself through building Tropea Yoga


My yoga clothes, which are tight-fitting, became loose on my body. My body became sculpted, but not in a healthy way. The straps to my sports bra would fall off my shoulders during my practice, and I could see my chest flatten each and every day. I felt like a skeleton with no fullness to my body and it was very hard on my emotional and physical health.

What I put my body through this year, I pray I never have to do again. Fortunately, things have shifted for the better and I’m refocusing my energy back on my own health. It’s the most important thing, especially since I am the only Soul on earth Luca has. In order for us to be well, I must be well, and now that the season has ended for Tropea Yoga I can find balance in my health again.

In between all of this weight loss, I had thoughts of breast implants. This is a big deal for me because natural beauty is the number one desire I have for myself. I have never altered or enhanced my body and hope I never have to. But I’m still young and want to feel confident in my body. In this Goddess Gallery, the Aphrodite Sea that thought was eliminated completely.


I loved seeing my breasts and feeling them sunkissed as the wind blew droplets of the sea on my body



When I looked at the photos (because I do all these shoots myself!) I thought, “Actually, I love my breasts exactly as they are! They fit me and who I am perfectly.” So, for the FIRST TIME ever I am releasing a gallery where I am topless and showcasing this magnificent body that I work so hard to maintain through holistic health for longevity. These shoots provide me with an understanding of the Goddess archetype I am embodying while uplifting my Soul to honor my Divine Feminine energy into loving myself exactly as I am.

Aphrodite Sea was shot at Baia di Riaci where two sides of the sea collide in the center of the rocks. It was the perfect location to shoot the rebirth of HER by honoring the Aphrodite archetype within me and creating Aphrodite Sea.

*My gallery contains 10 photos of sensual photography with nudity. The photos are shot on a Fujifilm XS10 and are uploaded in the largest size to accommodate a printable format. Downloads are available directly after purchase. You will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions as each photo is protected under copyright law. This gallery does contain partial nudity*


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