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The Goddess of Love and Beauty


To the Greeks, this was Aphrodite, to the Egyptians the goddess Isis and to the Phoenicians the goddess Astarte and the Romans Venus. She is associated with doves, those cooing lovebirds, and swans noted for their beauty and elegance. With flowers, especially roses, and through sweet fragrances and fruits. As a Divine Feminine, there is a version of Aphrodite within us all.

The Aphrodite archetype governs women’s enjoyment of love, beauty, sexuality, and sensuality. The realm of the lover exerts a powerful pull on many women; as a force with a woman’s personality. When HER archetype is embodied she often falls in love quickly. She has a personal magnetism that draws others into an erotically charged field that enhances sexual awareness. She feels attractive and sensual as an archetype lover.

When sensuality and sexuality in women are degraded or suppressed through religious beliefs or patriarchal cultures the woman who embodies Aphrodite the lover is considered a temptress and immoral. Thus this archetype, if expressed, can put a woman at odds with others which is the beginning of suppressing emotional desires rather than embracing our natural creations.


I have felt the embodiment of Aphrodite since 2011

When I discovered yoga what I truly discovered was Me. The movement and breath connected my Soul to my body and I began to see myself as a Divine Feminine Creation. Made in the perfect image of God. Living a holistic lifestyle that began to radically change my current path in life. Over time my expression and desire to embrace my sensuality and sexuality grew, but in a patriarchal culture, my expression was used against me which created one of the deepest wounds I have spent the last 8 years healing.

For centuries, possibly since the beginning of religious formations the Divine Feminine has been suppressed. Women are conditioned to hide their true nature to prevent unwanted attraction. The beauty in our present moment is that shift is radically changing and women are being honored for their Divinity.

After many years of suppressing my Soul’s desire for expression, Aphrodite has returned to me. She is a tremendous force of change and through her flow attraction, union, fertilization, incubation, and the birth of a new life are all possible. She came to me in a statue form at a small antique market back in October of 2022. Since then I have been praying to HER and she has led me back to my sensual self safely.

She is the goddess that emerged from the sea in her curvaceous, golden-haired, nude body

In relationships, the Aphrodite woman is attracted to men who are not necessarily good for them. Similar to the Gods, Hephaestus, Ares, and Hermes. These Gods are known for repressed anger, harnessing pain from rejection from their mother, and having love/hate relationships with women that are important to them but also untrustworthy.

This knowledge gifted me with a deeper understanding of my relationship choices with men. It is the depth of love I feel within Aphrodite that I seek out wounded men to love. A Hephaestus man is an introverted creative man who feels a range of emotions. He expresses these emotions through his work and a few important relationships. He loves his Aphrodite deeply and passionately, yet he is not possessive. His intensity holds her emotionally, and his commitment to her provides the stability she needs. This is a possible marriage match for a woman embodiment of Aphrodite.

Ares men known as the God of War are usually attractive to Aphrodite women but are not known for their stability. They live in the here and now. They are a do-now think-later couple. They both experience emotional flare-ups, impulsive decisions, and jealousy. Although their compatibility could thrive if either of them embodies a healthy family upbringing and the Aphrodite woman has a Hera goddess archetype within her as well.

Hermes the Messenger of the Gods and youngest Olympian intoxicated Aphrodite women with his poetic words. She is fascinated by his ability to move quickly from the depths of the sea to the heights of the clouds. He loves to outsmart others and is very talented, charismatic, and not committed to work or her. He swiftly comes in and out of her life and plays in the fantasy world. Known as Peter Pan who may never grow up.

Needless to say, Aphrodite women may go through a series of intense love affairs, swept up each time by the magic of being in love

To end this pattern, she must learn to love someone. Someone who is an imperfect human rather than a god. Only then can an Aphrodite woman stay in a long-term relationship long enough to accept the human flaws within her partner and herself to discover the human dimensions of love.

I’m not sure I am quite ready for such a task. I am still young and deeply infatuated with the dream of my god creating my heavenly earth reality with me. I feel my self-love growing with each passing day and I am finally breaking free of suppressing my Divine Feminine energy. To give and share my sensuality with masculine energy the highest level of devotion must be received. A deeper expression of this devotion will be shared through the next Goddess I am embodying: Hera.

*This gallery contains 10 photos of sensual photography. It is my way of expressing my artistic passion of love for the Divine Feminine as well as photography. Once your purchase is complete you will receive access to the gallery to view and download the photos. You will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions as each photo is protected under copyright law.*

Enjoy my small, intimate gallery of Aphrodite ♡

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