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A sunrise dance in the desert

Aphrodite Dance is one of the first photoshoots I did when I was discovering my divine feminine energy. This location, The White Sands National Monument in New Mexico had been on my list of places to visit. On Christmas day in 2017, I went on a solo road trip and when I arrived at this desert land in the middle of nowhere all I wanted to do was dance in the sun along the endless horizon.

I felt liberated and free in this Aphrodite Dance


The desert was nearly empty and the dunes went on for as far as the eye could see. The ripples in the sand slithered underneath my feet as I began to breathe, move, and discover this new energy that had awakened in me. What I felt was complete freedom to explore myself in the open air of Mother Nature feeling wild and illuminated in my gifts of femininity. This movement is a sacred, holy element to the creation of Self and being. When I do these photoshoots I feel a different entity taking over me and there is a sense that I am the highest version of myself that I know I am meant to be.


Before launching the Goddess Gallery I was ashamed of my sensuality


Why couldn’t I just suppress this side of me? With my Venus in Virgo, it makes complete sense that my sensuality and Divine beauty are expressed in my priestess energy. Looking back on this gallery I can see how long I have been seeking to self-express this version of myself. I desired so deeply to be expressive and sensual, without the need of having to give my body to another to explore that side of me. But I didn’t know how. Public platforms never resonated, as I wanted to control my creations. These are not photos taken off a phone and uploaded for everyone to see. They are intentionally created to honor deeper parts of my Soul for those who are seeking to see this side of me.



I’m still discovering who I am inside my own body. Some days I want to be in a monogamous relationship and other days I want to be free. This means I haven’t settled on my intentions of how I want to show up in partnership with another. Maybe it is because I haven’t met the man I am meant to who will meet me at an equal level of partnership. Who believes in self-expression as an open creative form, but understands the value of sharing physical connection with only each other. In time that day will come. For now, I will embody the Aphrodite Dance and explore myself in creation.

*This gallery contains 10 photos of sensual photography. It is my way of expressing my artistic passion of love for the Divine Feminine as well as photography. Once your purchase is complete you will receive access to the gallery to view and download the photos. You will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions as each photo is protected under copyright law. This gallery does not contain nudity*


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