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In Devotion to The Gods as a vessel for our Divine Mother  

To illuminate the path of your heart so you may live your heaven on earth

It all started in 2011 when the sudden death of my guardian aligned me with my purpose in life. After my physical body shut down and I started to lose basic functionality I opted to attend a bikram yoga class over open abdominal surgery. From that one class I felt an energetic shift within and I naturally healed my own grieving body through the eight limbed path of yoga. The rest is history. I learned that our emotional body is a direct reflection of our physical health, and I went on to devote my life to bringing this awareness to others.

After three years as a student to the practice of yoga I became a certified teacher through the Ashtanga lineage and made it my full time career by age twenty-six.

Courtney Lynn

Woman in a blue dressing standing on the beach with the sea in the background

Let me take you to the very beginning 

It’s true what they say… you choose your life, your birth parents, and your path long before you arrive

As each of our Souls has a Divine purpose and destiny, mine is one that started from the absolute beginning. From birth, I was taught to pray to our Divine Mother and worship our Father Sun. I sang songs of the gospel and played in the gardens devoted to Mother Mary. I felt the winds change through sensations I felt within and was guided through my spiritual lineage on how to move energy in our external reality. It was a Spiritual Religious upbringing within one household. Which ignited my awareness at a very young age and I began to ask the three great questions of humanity, “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?”

These sacred teachings came during the first five years of my life and continued along my entire journey

which gifted me a deeper connection to my heart right at the beginning of my life

For it was through the great wound of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that I was separated from my birth parents. It wasn’t until much later on in my adult life that I would come to the awareness that they were not my Soul’s Mother or Father. They were vessels through which I chose to come through. Their own human identity.

I chose them so I would not conform to the divide this realm has developed over thousands of centuries. The belief that you are only human and that Heaven comes after the life you are currently living. The reason for this separation is still unknown to me. Why would another Soul consciously take the inner knowing away from another?

I am still searching for the answer. Still searching through ancient texts and studies for the moment in time when the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine were separated from Oneness

The truth is there is only so far back we can go until we realize that no matter where the root of it began, the time to move forward is Now

To envision a new system that embodies all spiritual and religious beliefs as one 

Which is the dawning of a new era. Where judgement of one another’s path fades away and the need to be right versus wrong dissipates. Only then will our collective consciousness evolve into the knowing of higher realms existing all around us.

For Heaven is not a place you will go when you leave the physical world of reality. It is here, your present moment reality. The gift of touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. As what comes in the afterlife is emptiness. Only a sense of who you once were, but will never be again. The Shamans refer to this entity as the ‘Witness’ when it enters our Source of Light.

This is why the great teachers and gurus of our earth speak of detachment.

Full moon rising over the Ionian Sea
Woman standing on a rock on the beach twirling in a blue dress underneath the moon with the sea in the background

This is not taught through one specific Religious belief or Spiritual Practice, rather it is found when you embody them All

My dharma is to illuminate the path your Soul is destined to follow

It may take you many lifetimes to remove the attachments you have from your upbringing or you may be ready to welcome these teachings in your present reality. Ultimately it is your choice. Which is the only real power you have as a Soul in this human body. The power to choose who you are and what you believe. My purpose, as an Angelic Light, is to illuminate every path so you may find your way to your heavenly earth. 

For this is why you came here. To feel the warmth of our Father Sun on your skin. To grace your body against our Mother Earth and touch the cheek of the one you love. To smell the sweet nectar of the jasmine and salty air from the Sea. To taste the nourishment of the sacred fruits and to hear the birds whistling in the trees. This is Heaven. A realm where you can engage with other Souls embarking on this magical Sacred Earth Life journey.

Can you see it now? Can you imagine it within? Can you feel it circulating all around you? 

Life itself is Pure Magic

Your Existence has purpose 

Imagine if you were taught from the moment you came into this world that this was Heaven. That you were born onto this Earth with a purpose to fulfill. That you Heart is your internal compass into finding that purpose and the Soul’s you meet along the way are designed to awaken you into this inner knowing.

That is why we are here. To experience Sacred Earth Life and create experiences that fulfill our Soul and uplift our Heart into the greatest sensations the Self can receive. 


Love with all your Heart, Smile to a Soul passing by, and walk among this earth as the Heavenly Realm it is destined to be.

Mother and Son on the beach

Interested in learning from like-minded practitioners in this world?

These are the leading minds I recommend

When it comes to working with someone who has the ability to alter an idea or thought in your mind I recommend looking at the practitioner themselves. Who are they? Where have they studied? Who have they worked with? How many people have experienced in person what they offer? How is their personal and professional life?

Personally, when I am seeking spiritual guidance, I await the call from the practice itself. Naturally, the teacher will appear with the calling, but this does not always happen for everyone. My recommendation when seeking a teacher out is to deep-dive into the study of what is captivating your curiosity. Purchase their books (if they have published any) and see if their belief system resonates with what your internal senses are guiding you to.

I have not met all of these teachers in person, but I have been studying with some of them for years. My style of practice incorporates every system that builds a bridge to unity. Some are science-based and support mysticism, some are shamanic beliefs that work with the Soul, and some are mirrors for speaking internal into the external realm. You get the idea! I hope in sharing these practitioners illuminates a path for you to find the one that resonates the most.

Where can you find guidance on this journey? At one of our Retreats… 


join us on the Path of the heart

Tropea & Tuscany June 2023

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