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Hello, beautiful Soul.

Welcome to my heavenly earth. a world i have created by following the path of my heart.

The beginning of my journey started in 2011. When the sudden death of my guardian aligned me with my purpose in life. After my physical body shut down and I started to lose basic functionality I opted to attend a bikram yoga class over open abdominal surgery.

From that one class I felt an energetic shift within and I naturally healed my own grieving body through the eight limbed path of yoga. That first moment stepping onto my mat changed the trajectory of my life and I followed the internal guidance with all my heart.

I had received my life’s work at the ripe age of twenty-two and knew I had to follow. I learned that our emotional body is a direct reflection of our physical health, and I went on to devote my life to bringing this awareness to others.

After three years as a student to the practice of yoga I became a certified teacher through the Ashtanga lineage and made it my full time career by age twenty-six.

Courtney Lynn

Mother and Son sitting in a chair in their home posing for a family portrait

Now I am living in

Tropea, Italy

As the founder of Tropea yoga and Heavenly Earth Retreats

The one question I am always asked is, “How did I get here?”

First, my Heart felt a magnetic pull to Tropea in May of 2021. I discovered an article in the NY Times stating Italy was paying people to move to the southern region. From that article, I found Tropea and knew, with all my Heart, that Tropea was my Soul’s home.

Upon arriving an unexpected hurdle came into play, as Italians were not able to say my first name, “Courtney.” My landlord began calling me Lynn, which my Mother has always called me by this name, so now I go by Lynn.

Heavenly Earth Retreats came to me after I arrived in Italy. When I took my first dip in the Ionian Sea all I felt was Heaven. This was Heaven and I had to create a way to share this magical realm with others. 

Tropea Yoga began after I moved to Tropea and was seeking a way to be of service. I met some locals and started teaching classes on the beach. Shortly after I was discovered by the manager at Villa Paola who invited me to tour their grounds for my classes. We partnered in June and operated the first yoga studio together in Tropea, Italy.

Path of the Heart

is learning a new way of life by trusting your heart to lead

I know how difficult society has made life. I am American, but I never felt connected to those lands on earth. In truth, I know my Soul chose her birth there in order to learn the deepest lessons to awaken as quickly as possible.

Life never made sense to me in the States. The separation, consumerism, and division among families and households, along with the abandonment and manipulation from the beginning of life sickened me with internal pain.

Fortunately, I never conformed, but that also meant I was an outcast and never belonged. I had my grandmother guiding me for most of my life and my grandfather as my guardian to keep me safe. With them as my guide I grew up in the Catholic church and learned about my internal voice through spiritual practices.

After my grandfather passed in 2011 I was on my own in my life. All I had left was the internal voice of my Heart and that is how I lead in my offerings.

I had to release my entire life and identity to arrive in Tropea, Italy

A sponsored athlete, small business owner, and integrative wellness specialist at miraval austin

Those were my titles. A woman featured in 7 magazines with a world record for the largest yoga class on water. A small business owner operating SUP yoga classes in three major cities in Texas with a team of three women.

A business mentor, teacher trainer, and certified yoga school over a five-year period with features on three news channels.

I reached the pinnacle of my career at age twenty-nine by becoming the youngest Integrative Wellness Specialist at Miraval Resorts in Austin, TX.

Over a decade of hard work building an identity that all of a sudden, I had to let all go. Why? Because my Heart told me something greater was coming…

Full moon rising over the Ionian Sea
Woman standing on a rock on the beach twirling in a blue dress underneath the moon with the sea in the background

In 2020 I received an unexpcted gift, and my little Light Luca was born

when he entered my womb my heart knew no matter what, i was birthing this soul into the world

He came to me when the world shut down. When no outside voices could project their thoughts onto us. All I had and the only thing I knew was for sure in life was this little Heart beating inside my body.

When I chose him, I knew everything I had worked for in life was about to change. I didn’t know how, but overtime the Universe began guiding me and I followed where ever it was leading.

When I teach this method in my offerings I call this “following the breadcrumbs.” Because when you chose your Heart there is no planning. There is no way to arrange your life. You are forced to live in the present and that is the truest form of existing in life.

The only way you will know which direction is the right one to follow is to follow the breadcrumbs. That is how I have Luca, how we moved all the way across the world by ourselves to a foreign country, and how I am where I am today.

Because my Heart led the way.

Life itself is Pure Magic

Your Existence has purpose 

Imagine if you were taught from the moment you came into this world that this was Heaven. That you were born onto this Earth with a purpose to fulfill. That you Heart is your internal compass into finding that purpose and the Souls you meet along the way are designed to awaken you into this inner knowing.

That is why we are here. To experience Sacred Earth Life and create experiences that fulfill our Soul and uplift our Heart into the greatest sensations the Self can receive. 


Love with all your Heart, Smile to a Soul passing by, and walk among this earth as the Heavenly Realm it is destined to be.

Mother and Son on the beach

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join us on the Path of the heart

Tropea June 2024

Come and explore the Heavenly Realms of Tropea and the Tyrrhenian Sea.  8 days and 7 nights in the most beautiful village in Italy at the 5-star boutique hotel, Villa Paola.

This enchanting hotel overlooks Tropea and is within 10 minutes walking distance to the center.  During our retreat we are deep-diving into the Divine Feminine energy. Yoga and Meditation classes daily. Wellness Workshops to illuminate your dharma in life Vision boards, picnics, and sunsets at the beach.  Our excursions include a trip to Capo Vaticano Thalasso Spa and Resort and a private boat tour to the Aeolian Islands.


one-on-one connection

Spiritual Advisor

A brand new service I am extending into the digital realm. A one-on-one connection as your spiritual advisor to guide you to your inner truth and path of self-discovery. Seeing life through the lens of internal guidance, and supporting the wisdom that lies within.

Through personalized sessions, we will navigate the complexities of life, helping you align with your purpose and find clarity in the midst of chaos. 

This service is for the Soul who is seeking to see beyond the realms of the external reality and into the depths of their Soul. We will track your lifeline, analyze your Natal chart, align with the Oracle & Tarot for future and present guidance, and discover where in the internal you are out of alignment. You will receive my methods on following the Path of your Heart as you begin creating your Heavenly Earth Reality.

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