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On Earth as it is in Heaven

For Heaven is not a place
that will come after your life
It is here, this present moment
The holiest gift in living
Sacred Earth Life

Imagine a World 

Where every Soul on Earth is living their Heaven on Earth reality

What if? What if this is it? What if this is heaven?

I know how hard this must be to imagine. If your external reality does not reflect the Heaven you seek then how could this be?

It wasn’t until I arrived in Italy that this inner knowing became present in my external reality. All I kept hearing was, “Heaven. This is Heaven on Earth.” Because I was exactly where I desired to be!

What I began seeing and hearing from my teachers and peers was a similar belief. Every Soul I encountered that had received what their Heart was deeply seeking brought them into the inner knowing that it was their personal Heaven on Earth.

This brings this Path of the Heart journey I’m on full circle. Our Heart is our internal compass to the life we deeply seek. Once we achieve that in our external reality, our Heaven begins to form and we begin living it as our day-to-day life.

Our Path of the Heart Heavenly Earth Retreats are designed to illuminate your Heart’s deepest desire to bring it into your external reality.

Heavenly earth retreats

Coast of the Gods in Tropea, Italy

tropea yoga

tropea retreat

Our Intention

Is to illuminate the Path of the Heart through sacred practices that connect your mind, body, and soul as one. To awaken the inner-knowing that your Heart is your internal compass to the path you deeply seek to fulfill on earth. Through movement, prayer, breath work, and guidance you can receive the life you have been dreaming of. It is within you waiting to be discovered. With over 12 years of experience as a spiritual practitioner and a lifelong student of spirituality and religion I can wholeheartedly say that Heaven is a life on Earth fully aligned with the Heart’s deepest desires.



To step into the realms of Heaven you must open your heart. Let go of every thought that limits your belief.



Then you must trust. You must trust the path of your heart and follow wherever it leads.



The final piece is to believe. Believe that you are worthy to receive what is coming on this journey.

I Am Courtney Lynn, an Angelic Light illuminating the path to Heavenly Realms

i walk with the gods of our earth in devotion to Light Consciousness

Born into a lineage of Spirituality and Religion I was taught from the beginning of my life about the bridge between realms. I learned to pray to our Father Sun through worship and connect to our Divine Mother through spiritual practices.

Within my thirty-three years on Earth, I have worked with world-renowned practitioners from many healing modalities and found my true self as an Angelic Light living through 7 heavenly vows.

Through initiations in Motherhood and finding my Soul’s path of the Heart I am guiding my little one, Luca, into the Heavenly Realms of Sacred Earth Life.

Path of the Heart Take Me to Tropea

A wellness retreat in parghelia, Italy October 2023

Come and explore the Heavenly Realms of Tropea and the Tyrrhenian Sea.  7 days and 6 nights in the most beautiful village in Italy. We are staying at Hotel Tirreno in Parghelia, which is located ten minutes outside the city center of Tropea.

This retreat includes a guided hike on Stromboli, one of the eight Aeolian islands of Sicily and the most active volcanoes in Europe. A snorkeling excursion around the coast of the Gods, daily workshops and yoga classes with Lynn as well as a tour of Parghelia and Tropea.

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Upcoming online course in 2023

Journey into the Heart

Everything you feel on the inside of your body has a purpose. For you are born with 7 energy centers within your physical body and 2 energy centers outside of your body. Located above your crown. These energy centers are designed to align you onto the path to receive.

But how do you get there? Who can assist you along the way? What is the purpose of your desires? How can you tell the difference between what is meant for you and what is a lesson along the way? This is what we are teaching at our in-person retreats, and I am also making these teachings accessible online.

Blossoming Spring 2023 


made in Tropea 

Sacred Shop

One of the most potent rituals and portals of communication to the Spiritual realm is through plants. As I seed my intention and root chakra into the earth in Tropea I feel a deeper calling coming to fruition. To work with Mother Nature through the powerful sense of Scent.

I feel creating Angelic Oils is a part of my journey, but I will not force the desire ahead of Divine Time. I have heard the internal wisdom call me to rest for creation for now. When the teacher appears to lead me on this portion of my journey I know it is because the work needed before is done.


Interested in learning from like-minded practitioners?


These are the leading minds and books I recommend

When it comes to working with someone who has the ability to alter an idea or thought in your mind I recommend looking at the practitioner themselves. Who are they? Where have they studied? Who have they worked with? How many people have experienced in person what they offer? How is their personal and professional life? Personally, when I am seeking spiritual guidance, I await the call from the practice itself. Naturally, the teacher will appear with the calling, but this does not always happen for everyone.

My recommendation when seeking a teacher out is to deep-dive into the study of what is captivating your curiosity. Purchase their books (if they have published any) and see if their belief system resonates with what your internal senses are guiding you to. I have not met all of these teachers in person, but I have been studying with some of them for years. My style of practice incorporates every system that builds a bridge to unity.

Some are science-based and support mysticism, some are shamanic beliefs that work with the Soul, and some are mirrors for speaking internal into the external realm. You get the idea! I hope in sharing these practitioners illuminates a path for you to find the one that resonates the most.

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