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On Earth as it is in Heaven

For Heaven is not a place
that will come after your life
It is here, this present moment
The holiest gift in living
Sacred Earth Life

What is HER?

A Heart-led Community living their Heaven on Earth

What if? what if this is it? what if this is heaven?

Imagine a world where everything you feel, desire, sense, and touch is destined to become your reality. You are born with the tools to receive everything you seek, and your Heart is the internal compass leading you to your Heavenly Earth Reality.

Living this way of life doesn’t mean you won’t encounter challenges or hurdles to overcome. It’s not a fantasy, out-of-reach reality. In actuality, it’s right on the tip of your fingers, almost within reach!

Maybe you are in a place where you are questioning your worth and doubting your ability to receive what you deeply seek. Depending on your external circumstances and environment it could be a key player in dimming or illuminating your ability to foresee what the Universe is begging to give you!

The magic potion begins within, by simply believing that you are worthy to receive. Then one by one removing the obstacles and barriers that are not aligned with your belief..

Our Path of the Heart Heavenly Earth Retreats are designed to illuminate your Heart’s deepest desire to bring it into your external reality.

Heavenly earth retreats

Coast of the Gods in Tropea, Italy

tropea yoga

tropea retreat

Our Intention

Is to illuminate the Path of the Heart through sacred practices that connect your mind, body, and soul as one. To awaken the inner-knowing that your Heart is your internal compass to the path you deeply seek to fulfill on earth. Through movement, prayer, breath work, and guidance you can receive the life you have been dreaming of. It is within you waiting to be discovered. With over 12 years of experience as a spiritual practitioner and a lifelong student of spirituality and religion I can wholeheartedly say that Heaven is a life on Earth fully aligned with the Heart’s deepest desires.



To step into the realms of Heaven you must open your heart. Let go of every thought that limits your belief.



Then you must trust. You must trust the path of your heart and follow wherever it leads.



The final piece is to believe. Believe that you are worthy to receive what is coming on this journey.

I Am Courtney Lynn

known as lynn of tropea

Born into a lineage of Spirituality and Religion I was taught from the beginning of my life about the bridge between realms. I learned to pray to our Father Sun through worship and connect to our Divine Mother through spiritual practices.

Within my thirty-four years on Earth, I have worked with world-renowned practitioners from many healing modalities and studied underneath Hindi Priests, and Shamanic and Buddhist Practitioners. I follow the 8-limbed path of Yoga and walk in alignment with the 81 verses of the Tao te Ching.

I believe all religious beliefs and spiritual practices are pathways to align our Soul to our Heart’s calling during our experience on earth. Our internal compass of following the feeling of where we are suppose to be versus what we are being told from external factors where we should go, and who we should be.

Through initiations over 12 years of practice I have found my purpose in aligning women back to their Heart’s deepest desire. To illuminate their Light and rebirth them back into a world of believing they are destined to receive everything their heart seeks.

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Tropea Yoga

Tropea Yoga

Tropea Yoga is the first yoga studio in Tropea Italy. We offer daily yoga and meditation classes throughout the season at Villa Paola.

Path of the Heart Take Me to Tropea

A Yoga & Wellness retreat at Villa Paola 

Come and explore the Heavenly Realms of Tropea and the Tyrrhenian Sea.  8 days and 7 nights in the most beautiful village in Italy at the 5-star boutique hotel, Villa Paola.

This enchanting hotel overlooks Tropea and is within 10 minutes walking distance to the center.  Our program includes yoga and meditation classes daily. A tour of Tropea’s beaches and the village center. A private boat excursion to the Aeolian Islands Stromboli and Panarea. A vision board workshop, and visit to Capo Vaticano Resort and Thalasso Spa for a spa day and lunch at their beautiful location right on the sea.


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Lynn in Light Photography

Goddess Gallery

Experience the divine essence of women through the captivating artistry of photography. Our collection showcases stunning images of women embodying the grace and power of goddesses. Each photograph captures the essence of self-expression, reminding us of the vital role it plays in our existence on earth.

Explore these captivating representations of the divine feminine, and let their beauty inspire and empower you on your own journey of self-discovery. Welcome to Heavenly Earth Retreats, where we believe in the transformative power of connecting with your inner goddess.

Online Services


One-on-one connection

Spiritual Advisor

A brand new service I am extending into the digital realm. A one-on-one connection as your spiritual advisor to guide you to your inner truth and path of self-discovery. Seeing life through the lens of internal guidance, and supporting the wisdom that lies within.

Through personalized sessions, we will navigate the complexities of life, helping you align with your purpose and find clarity in the midst of chaos. 

This service is for the Soul who is seeking to see beyond the realms of the external reality and into the depths of their Soul. We will track your lifeline, analyze your Natal chart, align with the Oracle & Tarot for future and present guidance, and discover where in the internal you are out of alignment. You will receive my methods on following the Path of your Heart as you begin creating your Heavenly Earth Reality. 

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